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Friday, October 26, 2007

Romney Gets Schooled By 15 Year Old

Thursday was another tough day for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. This time it wasn't because of a wheelchair-bound muscular dystrophy sufferer, but a 15 year old sophomore in high school. The topic was Romney's flip-flopping 'views' on gay marriage and abortion, and how in the world anyone can actually believe a word the man says. Apparently his campaign's 'Ask Mitt anything' is backfiring, but it's not surprising considering his ridiculously shoddy views on important issues and total lack of principles.

Kevin Daly got a lesson Thursday in Presidential Politics 101.

The sophomore at Phillips Exeter Academy pointedly asked Republican candidate Mitt Romney about his shifting positions on abortion and gay rights.

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney indicated he would not change state laws on abortion rights, now he opposes abortion. During the 1994 Senate campaign in Massachusetts, Romney indicated he would be a better advocate for gay rights than rival Democrat Edward M. Kennedy.

"How can any of your campaign promises be trusted?" Daly asked.

Romney suggested the 15-year-old from Weston, Mass., had falsely stated that he favored gay marriage in 1994.

Around and around the two went, with Daly referring to a New York Times report about the gay rights pledge. The second time through, he mistakenly said the story detailed a "gay marriage" pledge.

That was enough for Romney.

"Even The New York Times hasn't said I'll be stronger on gay marriage than Ted Kennedy, even The New York Times," Romney said. "I've never been an advocate of gay marriage."

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