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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pennsylvania Refuses to Release List of Polling Places in Fear of 'Terrorists'

Fearmongering is so bad these days that state officials in Pennsylvania have stated that they will not be releasing their statewide list of polling places this election season in order to "protect the public and the integrity of the voting process." They say they made the decision as an attempt to deter any chance of 'terrorism' that could disrupt the elections, basing it on the 2004 bombing incident that interrupted SPAIN's elections. This is beyond odd. Completely ridiculous. Put out the word everyone that Pennsylvania apparently has a huge 'terrorist' problem we don't know about. Do not visit there under any circumstances if you want to protect yourself.

Critics say concealing the compiled list runs afoul of the state's open records law and makes coordinating statewide voter-mobilization strategies more difficult.

``If the government has a record, and has it in electronic form, they should release it to any citizen who requests it,'' said Stephanie Frank Singer, founder of a Philadelphia consulting firm that provides customized lists and data collection for political campaigns and nonprofit groups.

Singer said she is considering challenging the decision.

It's unclear how many other states compile similar lists, and whether the ones that do make them available to the public.

The comprehensive list helps candidates for statewide office coordinate volunteer get-out-the-vote efforts, Singer said.

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