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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nationally Televised Bipartisan Debate On Energy Possibly Snubbing Ron Paul

The MSNBC-televised debate next month is being put together by the Greater Houston Partnership and the Sierra Club, focusing on many issues dealing with "oil and gas drilling and nuclear power." Even though Ron Paul is a representative of the Houston area, even though his fresh ideas on oil and alternative sources of energy are tenfold that of the other Republican candidates, and even though he has seemingly leapfrogged "I'll talk to my lawyers" Romney as a top tier candidate, they have not yet invited him to speak. They claim that they compiled the list of candidates 2-3 months ago based on their estimate on who the the top contenders were at the time, which would make it even more bizarre that Fred Thompson is included, seeing as he wasn't even a candidate at the time. The fact that they would put together a serious debate on issues and base their candidate choices on two or more months ago is absurd, especially considering John McCain was plummeting at the time. The Houston Chronicle says however that the Partnership is considering adding four more candidates, including Paul, although I'm not so sure that they would even think of such if Clinton hadn't turned them down. The momentum of Ron Paul is colossal in size right now. The hit pieces, ridicule, and media blackouts are only getting started.

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