"And though tyranny, because it needs no consent, may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people."

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Hillary Clinton Would Use Violence Against Tehran'

Well, duh. That was the title of an article Monday in the UK's Guardian Unlimited stating:

In an article for Foreign Affairs magazine intended as a blueprint for the foreign policy of a future Clinton White House, the Democratic frontrunner argues that Iran poses a long term strategic challenge to American and its allies, and that it must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear weapons.

"If Iran does not comply with its own commitments and the will of the international community, all options must remain on the table," Ms Clinton said.

Elsewhere, Ms Clinton took the edge off her steely posture by saying she would abandon the Bush administration's policy of isolating its enemies, and would deploy diplomacy.

"True statesmanship requires that we engage with our adversaries, not for the sake of talking but because robust diplomacy is a prerequisite to achieving our aims."

She says she would even consider offering incentives to Iran in return for a pledge to disarm. However, she sets out a series of stringent conditions that are virtually identical to current White House policy.

"If Iran is in fact willing to end its nuclear weapons programme, renounce sponsorship of terrorism, support Middle East peace, and play a constructive role in stabilising Iraq, the United States should be prepared to offer Iran a carefully calibrated package of incentives," Ms Clinton wrote.
The only reason Clinton hasn't been willing to disclose any of her foreign policy plans is because she doesn't want to be seen as the warmongering constitution-shredding dictator that she aims to be. If her supporters can't read between these lines here, we may really have a problem. As usual, Hillary is looking out for ol' number one, Israel. The only question is, where does that leave Americans? Number two? Iran does not pose a threat to the U.S. Israel has the right to defend itself with nukes, but Iran doesn't have the right to start its own nuclear energy program? Perhaps she should address some of the things that Israel is doing, like not helping us one bit. They are a useless ally that follows no rules but their own, and have shown time and time again that they could care less about our safety. What I don't understand is how voters can not be seriously tired of them using our military as pawns in their sick demagogic game. We all know where the majority of Clinton's campaign funds come from. If Israel wants it, Israel will get it with a Clinton White House.

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