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Monday, October 15, 2007

New York Times Creates Room for More Israel/Syria Lies and Propaganda

Here we go again. One month later and we're still getting fed lies and assumptions in hopes of shaping policy in Israel's favor. The New York Times released an article Saturday which stated "Israeli and American intelligence analysts" have come up with the apparent foregone conclusion that the Israeli strike on Syria was "in fact" the beginnings of a nuclear reactor. The 'Times' writers decided to spin the events of the past month in such a way as to put all guilt on Syria, to suggest Arab opposition to a Syrian nuclear facility, and to add no such debate to the actual reality in the facility ever being there in the first place. Despite this being 100% legal, despite the fact that it could have been used for energy purposes, despite Israel hiding the fact that they have their own worrisome stockpile of nukes, and despite the fact that it would have taken cash-strapped Syria no less than seven or more years to produce any nuclear capabilities (not to mention not even having the cash to complete it in that short of time, even with the help of North Korea), you still have to be highly skeptical that what they hit was even the beginnings of a reactor at all.

This is becoming more suspicious by the day with all the silence coming from administrations of both Israel and the U.S. At first, there were highly peculiar reports of Israel both "possibly" and "surely" having "satellite photos" of a Syrian nuke site which were passed along to the U.S., but there is no way that could have been true, as they seem to be slowly but surely talking their way towards that notion again. If there were conclusive evidence of a nuke site, there wouldn't be all this misinformation floating around. And why is it taking so long for these revelations to come about? There is absolutely no way Israel had any proof of a partial nuke site. It is straight-up nonsense. The Neo-con(Fox) News Channel has already ran with the story nationally today as if everything in the article is 100% accurate, and throwing the what-ifs about North Korea in as well for good measure. No stock should be put in the mainstream media's reporting of Middle East affairs, especially when it has anything to do with Israel. When will people learn? Belief in disinformation is so much more comforting for people here in America, and for the most part Israel, but some tend to prefer the truth.

The UN has said they are working on either confirming or denying the reports, and that they have not received any satellite or intelligence reports from Israel or the U.S. An American analyst had this to say:

"A very real question is whether Syria is technically and financially able to build such a reactor. It would be hard to justify an air strike on a facility so early on in construction and, if supplied by North Korea, unlikely ever to be finished," U.S. analyst David Albright, alluding to North Korea's nuclear disarmament agreement earlier this year, told Reuters.

"Israel may have wanted to send a signal to Iran. The U.S. wants to scare Iran (off nuclear work) and this air strike might have been a way to do it, and explain some of Israel's secrecy."

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