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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Romney Calls UN a Failure; But for Snake-like Reasons

Mitt Romney said this morning in South Carolina that the UN is a failure, and proposed a new coalition of 'free nations of the world' to cater the needs of the greater good, or rather U.S./Israel interests. He thinks this because, in his mind, the UN is too tough on Israel, and lets slide anything going on in the Arab world. Romney has repeatedly fed the interests of his biggest campaign donors since he entered the race, which in large part are the very wealthy Jewish pro-Israel contributors. They are is his main financiers, and he is merely speaking for them, not the American people. So this is not surprising that he would come out and say something like this, considering he's about to be looking at the behind of Ron Paul as far as campaign funding and momentum goes. One can't help but remember in January when he took a lengthy trip to Israel to do just this. He purposefully skipped visiting Gaza. He is willing to ignore the numerous human rights violations, with the same old excuses that Israel is getting an 'unfair deal.' Maybe he should put down the European Union, Great Britain, China, and others for their opposition to things like the increasing sanctions on Gaza. Romney is simply looking out for his campaign's pocket, trying to keep up with the momentum of Ron Paul.

One thing that was said in the actual article caught my eye:

The Romneys have five sons and ten grandchildren. Of the leading Republicans in the presidential contest, Romney is the only one who has not been divorced.
The last time I checked, polygamy has played a part in Romney's life. And as even confirmed by the Republican National Committee, Ron Paul is a now a 'top-tier' candidate. As you should know, Paul has been married for 50+ years, and has never been divorced. I guess the writer just forgot...

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