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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dana Perino's Response to McClellan Book: Bush Never Lies

The irony in this is quite amusing. As if on purpose, Press Security Dana Perino responded Monday in an off-camera dialogue at the White House to the subject of former secretary Scott McClellan's upcoming book, which is expected to unleash a lot of dirty secrets from his time there under the Bush administration. On cue, McClellan's book publisher quickly came out with a retraction that let everyone know that he doesn't mean to imply that Bush ever knowingly lied to him. Perino commented by saying that Bush does not and has not "knowingly" lied. This coming from Dana Perino... she sure shares Bush's arrogance, that's for sure. I wouldn't however, expect her to be writing any truthful books or memoirs after leaving the White House, being the soulless career-pushing liar that she is. They must have some kind of undefined explanation for these kinds of statements, because... Bush never lies/lied?

Today at the off-camera briefing, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said she has discussed Scott McClellan's forthcoming book with the president, and Perino said President Bush "has not and would not knowingly pass false information."

In the yet-to-be-published book, McClellan's publisher says the former press secretary claims five White House officials -- including the president and vice president -- were responsible for McClellan passing incorrect information on the CIA leak case. As White House press secretary, McClellan had stated that officials including Karl Rove were not involved in leaking the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

Evidence at the Libby trial showed that Rove had discussed war critic Joe Wilson's wife and her CIA employment with two reporters. Ari Fleischer did so as well, according to court testimony.

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