"And though tyranny, because it needs no consent, may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tyrannical Terrorists That Are The U.S. Marshals Finally Disclose "Location" of Ed Brown

Update: Ed Brown has been registered, and is now in Bureau of Prisons custody in Elkton, Ohio. Still no mugshots however, which leads me to believe they didn't exactly enter in 100% health.

Fat cat Stephen Monier finally announced earlier today that Ed Brown has been delivered to a federal prison in Ohio, but is still not listed as in custody according to their update database, and neither he nor Elaine have had their mugshots taken, or photographic proof of any kind. I really hate to imagine what has been done to him, and there is absolutely no reason for at least Elaine not having a mugshot yet.

The responses since Ed and Elaine Brown were finally taken into custody (or kidnapped by the government would be a better phrase) Friday have been nothing better than pathetic from the majority of sorry-ass common government slaves posing as free citizens, no doubt including the media, in this country. Still believing any constitution-ignoring government agency really cares whether they live or die (among other immoral ideologies) when they have an undermining objective against our interests or present-day law, most people have supported the U.S. Marshals through this whole ordeal. What they should be doing is reading about why the hell the government are doing this and how they're doing it, why they're trying to cut off any truth-bearing information that comes out, why they're using terrorist tactics with supporters, would-be supporters, and their families, and most of all, why the alleged criminals believe so strongly in what they have fought so hard for, and what it actually is. Cowardly citizens of this country are so afraid of the truth, or just a little bit of unbiased research these days. Their forefathers would have nothing of them. They show no shame. Even the ones that constantly spew their ugliness for all to see seem to be extra guilty of it, and I would say especially them actually, because they sit there and read these stories of government corruption repeatedly without a caring bone in their body, not taking one thought to realize that it could happen to them or someone they care about. What then? Will they care then? Will they undeservedly request the help of others? Of course they will. The moral resemblance is very close to our constitution killers in Washington, don't you think?

The phrase 'tax evader' is not a fun word nonetheless, and one the government can usually use at will to instantly discredit their target, especially in the media. Some people even report federal income tax fraud, as if they're somehow doing the country some kind of great justice (aside from the "reward" they sometimes get). Domestic enemies are all around us these days, which is why the word "foreign terrorist" doesn't scare me a fraction as much as the ones living right here. The gestapo U.S. Marshals weren't afraid of killing the Browns. They were afraid of the total press and public relations nightmare that would have followed, not to mention the wad of truth that would have come out. Their masters in Washington would not be happy about that at all, for this is their duty to follow bogus orders. And this is not even saying they didn't seriously try at times to take them out. Yet fat worthless cow order-taker Stephen Monier, traitor U.S. Marshal for New Hampshire, has actually been commended by some for his "patience" in not initiating a full-on attack on the Browns' estate. The gall. Our government needs patience to not attack and kill us in our own home? Whether it was shaking trailers, threatening supporters (to even rape them) and their families, cutting all service to the estate off, stealing all mail, possibly sending huge Blackwater vehicles out, firing shots all around the estate late at night, making warrantless searches and arrests of supporters, or even admitting their wrongness and lack of lawful reasoning at times, you can hardly call this patience.

This all stems from big government and the Treasury Department not wanting common folks to know its dirty little secrets. They want to continue their illegal activities without interruption or trouble, under any means necessary. They have, with the supreme help of honorless Judge Steven J. McAuliffe, willfully ignored the rule of law that goes along with the constitution, and this is where we Americans HAVE to draw the line sooner than later. It is growing increasingly clear all across the country, and even the world, that there is absolutely no law requiring the people of this country to file or pay a federal income tax to a privately owned anti-American central bank with corporate interests such as the Federal Reserve, and has willingly killed our national currency on the verge of utter collapse. The Fed is nothing but a complete fraud, along with its collection agency the IRS, and has absolutely no affiliation with the government. This is a fact that there is no income tax law. There is no gray line with this, so why in the world are we continuing to allow these creeps and their gestapo armies, with help from traitorous judges and local police, get away with this? They have sold out our country bit by bit over the past century, and now even our simple freedoms are slipping away. There will be a day when nothing is left but collapse, and all options are slim to none. As inevitable as it is, I would like to enter the next age of America with my liberties, pride, and self-respect intact. Who is to blame, and how can we call ourselves Americans if we sit and let them get away with it unscathed?

This will not be the last you'll hear from me on this by any means, because even as I write this, gestapo agents of the U.S. Marshals and Treasury Department are doing everything they can to make this go away. They want reasons, as bogus as they may be, to go after anyone that threatens to get in their way. It is beyond time true Americans make their jobs a living hell. The only thing these people pay attention to is fear. If they feel threatened in any way with you not breaking a single law, you know you've done your job. If this requires things such as posting the names and addresses of traitors (media included) who go against our fellow citizens and the constitution, so be it. We may have reached that time. If you have nothing to hide, there should really be no problem should there? Big government sure likes to use that in their interrogations. It works both ways. We can't let this go away. The more people know the truth, the worse off these tyrannical terrorists are.

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