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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ron Paul Dominates Recent Zogby Poll

A Zogby poll sponsored by Alex Jones' media company Jones Productions was done last week, and there were two separate polls. All were blind bio polls, which means they don't name any names, and simply recite each candidate's resume and views. One was done featuring calls to likely voters that are staunchly Republican, which means many whom foolishly want us in Iran, and still believe in what they've heard the past 6 years from their government about 'terrorists' and the like. Giuliani won that poll of 389 folks with 34%, with Ron Paul coming in at 13%, and 9% who were undecided.

The other poll repeated the echoes of Paul's increasing momentum, and was a mixture of 1009 voters featuring everyone from Republicans, Democrats, and independents. Paul won that with 33%, and next was Giuliani with 19%; 20% were undecided. This is significant because the typical Zogby and other phone polls done targeting likely Republican voters usually involve older folks that are really set in their ways, and don't exactly look at the big scheme of things. They are also part of the age group that have gotten the country into this mess, but that is another story. The older phone poll crowd also historically fails to show up big at the primaries, and lack of enthusiasm in other Republican candidates works very well in Paul's favor. Zogby decided to highlight the smaller poll of older conservatives in their article and on their main website, but it can be noted as always that Ron Paul supporters are located all over the political spectrum, and the opposition knows that they can't count on anyone from the Paul side to not show up come primary time. Jones plans to sponsor at least one other set of blind bio polls in the near future.

***Zogby article***

***Jones Productions article w/ graph***

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