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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Private U.S. Interrogator Says Military Commands Grilling of Iraqi Prisoners Mainly About Iran

A private contractor working as an interrogator in Iraq has come out and said military officials are wanting information about Iran so bad that they seem disappointed when given any that doesn't involve them. He says the list of pre-topics mostly involved Iran, and the unreasonably fierce rhetoric in the U.S. about Iran fits the attitude over there. He also admits that a strike on Iran is "inevitable" without a clear change in leadership that comes from next year's presidential election, and the word over there is that they are desperately hoping for it.

They know damn well what bad consequences a conflict with Iran will cause. The article says that some intel officials over there declined to comment, but one defined the constant Iran rhetoric there as "sickening." The most relevant part of the article is the contractor stating that he would not willingly admit to occurrences of fabrication going on, but gave strong hints that that is exactly the case, as many prisoners are willing to lie in order to be released. We all know, lies or not, that they're more than happy to oblige as long as it builds their offensive against Iran.

'It now really depends on who gets elected President in the US. If nothing changes in the current course, I'd say military action is inevitable. But we have to hope there will be a change of course.'

He denied ever being asked to fabricate evidence, adding: 'We're not asked to manufacture information, we're asked to find it. But if a detainee wants to tell me what I want to hear so he can get out of jail... you know what I'm saying.'

Other military intelligence officials in Iraq refused to comment, but one said: 'The message is, "Got to find a link with Iran, got to find a link with Iran." It's sickening.'

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