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Monday, November 5, 2007

One of the Finest Examples of Disgusting Hit Pieces Against Truth and Ron Paul

The National Ledger is an absolute joke of a news publication basically based on purposefully wrong mainstream media agendas and useless pop culture tabloid blabber. So it's not so much of a surprise that they would release such a hateful article on such a huge day for the Ron Paul campaign, and the fact that the editors allowed this to be published shows that they don't exactly have a problem with what was said. Any other articles on the site that might have been intentionally somewhat unbiased are pretty much irrelevant now. The hit pieces today will be massive in order for them to try and counter any sort of positive media coverage, and this is the first one that has really caught my eye so far.

Ron Paul likely won't win a single presidential primary. He's awful on television and even worse in debates. Still his rabid wild eyed supporters that range from the anti-war crowd to tin foil hat wearing nuts to white supremacists to Libertarians that dream of "taking back" the Republican Party will definitely heap some cash on the 71-year old doctor from Texas.


I think that's accurate. That is a lot of cash. But what good will it really do? Paul's message has a very narrow appeal and no matter how much money he rakes in it won't bring people over to his campaign besides his fringe supporters. Worse - he's dry on television, (his Leno appearance failed miserably to create any mainstream buzz) and when he does get a little fired up in debates his voice turns into a high pitched squeal.

Handicapping him on electability is quite simple. He can't make it. There's no Ron Paul sound bite that ever plays well and he has no charisma. Paul is very intelligent, but that really doesn't help in a nationwide election. He also has some very good ideas, but one has to wade through to much tripe just to hear them.

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