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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mass Illegal Chicken Plant Workers Test Positive for Tuberculosis

Last week Wayne Farms, a chicken processing plant in Alabama, performed skin tests on all workers after a former employee tested positive for active tuberculosis (the contagious kind), and the results were just recently made available Saturday. Over 25% of the employees, or 212 out of 765, have tested positive for TB. At least one has tested positive for the airborne type of tuberculosis, which is highly contagious, and they are expecting more. Almost all of the employees who tested positive were "foreign-born," but if they're working at a chicken plant, they're most assuredly here illegally. The bacteria can't be transmitted through the meat, but there are true American citizens working there that are in danger healthwise, and their safety should be of first concern. Situations such as this really should remind the amnesty pushers that the financial strain and violence of these illegals aren't the only problems they cause us, but the diseases and health concerns they bring over here is as bad as any of them considering the already increasing worries about what we eat.

"We have two (X-ray) technicians in the Division of TB Control to cover the entire state," Jones said. "For this situation, we've rearranged some clinics. We've made this a priority, so we have both of our technicians (assigned to Decatur and) working as a team to get them done."

Wayne Farms Sales and Marketing Director Stan Hayman said Wednesday the company offered to reimburse the state for the cost of the tuberculosis control efforts.

Jones said Thursday that he has a better idea.

"I appreciate their offer," he said.

"If Wayne Farms is interested in investing something, my recommendation to them would be to invest within their own facility to establish a pre-employment screening routine.

"If their intent is to invest, I wish they'd think about ways they can invest toward the future as opposed to reimbursing for a one-time event."

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