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Monday, November 5, 2007

Iranian Political Expert Says Iran's Enemies Don't Want a Legal Investigation of Nuclear Information

The U.S. government has been illegally enforcing sanctions on Iran even though Iran has been cooperating fully with nuclear watchdogs, and they're still pushing for a third round of sanctions in the very near future. They have repeatedly ignored the warnings from Russia and China, and amongst many reports of Iran not having done anything wrong. The U.S. wants the tougher backbreaking sanctions to be put in place, but cooperation has made that pretty much impossible. They don't want to play by the rules, and everyone not working for their criminal agenda in Europe is fully aware and knowledgeable of it.

Cooperation with IAEA will cause more division among powers

However, Jahanbakhsh Izadi, a fellow international expert, argues that the continuation of talks between Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog would inflame discord among major powers.

Tehran’s full cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency has prevented the group to reach a consensus on the nuclear issue, Izadi observed.

Political expert Ahmad Bakhshayeshi Ardestani argued the U.S. will be unable to turn the “limited sanctions” into “more serious economic sanctions.”

“The Complexity of the issue and the powerfulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran have stalled a final decision” against the country for its nuclear program, he noted.

The current sanctions do not have any immediate and significant influence on Iran’s policies, so the U.S. will not eventually be able to achieve its objectives within the framework of UN Security Council resolutions, he added.

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