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Friday, November 9, 2007

Harwood Types Up Another Go at Ron Paul Hate

John Harwood is a... well he doesn't really deserve a description. All I'll say (if you've been living under a rock) is that he is a status quo writer for CNBC, he likes Pinocchio Giuliani, and has been at war with Ron Paul supporters since the GOP economy debate on CNBC. Now he is out to get Ron Paul more than ever. Likewise, the status quo warriors have all been out in full force this year with their anti-American rhetoric and ridiculing. Harwood has increasingly made himself think for months that Ron Paul has no chance of winning, and that his amount of supporters is somehow irrelevant. The only polls that matter to these people are the telephone polls (any poll that Paul doesn't win) that often don't even mention his name. This is becoming a common occurrence on NBC's networks, and it points out that supporters of freedom, the constitution, and the rule of law have much work to do in order to get out the word that there is a new force in politics, so that common not-knowing citizens can get educated on what's really happening in their country.

Harwood is hardly popular, and disagreed with often, but never was he called out on his disinformation in a way that raised his eyebrows like when the huge unmatched internet support for Ron Paul decided to vote (their right) on the online poll put on by CNBC's website after the GOP 'debate' on the economy that was covered by their network. They ended up dropping the poll and deleting its existence, infuriating Paul supporters because of foul play claims (only because a status quo candidate was not favored) that were not true. He retorted back several times to pissed off supporters, and made a name of himself in the Paul campaign. Now he is back with another little article bashing the Paul campaign after its big fundraising haul this week, stating the usual that Paul has no chance, and that supporters are simply wasting their time and money. He has provided a little hate poll asking whether or not people think Ron Paul has a chance, but most likely added it in for more ridicule in the future. These kind of hate pieces against liberty will only increase as Paul gets closer to moving past his original goal of $12 million for this quarter. They are scared, and they have every reason to be.

Our new NBC News-Wall Street Journal Poll provides one more occasion for supporters of Ron Paul to face the music. Yes, he raised an impressive $5-million in the third quarter, matching John McCain. Yes, he recently hauled in an eye-popping $4-million in 24 hours using the Internet. And heaven knows his supporters have demonstrated the ability to win post-debate online polls (see below), and to fill my e-mail inbox.

But look at the national numbers, Team Paul: he gets 4% in the Republican primary, far behind leaders Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney.

Among Republicans just 11% rate him favorably--fewer than the 12% of Republicans who rate Hillary Clinton favorably! Nineteen percent rate him unfavorably, putting the libertarian-minded Texas Congressman in negative territory.

With numbers like that, Paul cannot win ANY contest on the Republican primary calendar, much less the presidency.

Could that change in a big way? Possibly, but anyone who bets on it would be foolish.


Paul said...

I just went there and voted (Yes) of course) and I could not stop laughing when I saw the results:

3487 responses
Yes 94%
No 5%
Could get GOP nomination but never win White House 1%

What did Mr. Harwood try to prove?!? That he is an idiot who likes to run through stone wall?

Anonymous said...

Harwood is a hack journo and I've sent him a few emails in the last few weeks to let him know that his biased gutter journalism isn't appreciated. I suggest others do the same. Send your response to: