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Thursday, November 8, 2007

CNN Suprises by Calling their Fellow Media Colleagues Out on Ignoring Ron Paul

CNN has been really the only mainstream television network picking up Ron Paul's $4.2+ million haul with any enthusiasm and lack of disgusting bias. MSNBC has talked about it some, but it was mostly on their early morning shows, and they consistently brought on anchors and guests that put him down. No matter the underlying reasons, CNN actually called out their fellow media on the lack of Ron Paul coverage Tuesday, and even offered some pretty shocking (but not really) proof. They pointed out that a tracking company has tallied that Ron Paul has gotten only 4695 references since August 2006, compared to that of John McCain, who has a ridiculous 95,005. The status quo is surely having a tougher time this year shutting reason up. Ridiculing their critics doesn't work anymore.

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