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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update: Sherry Jackson Found Guilty on All Counts!

Update: Sherry Peel Jackson has just been convicted on all four counts by a bogus jury in an even more bogus unfair trial. More updates later. This is absolutely outrageous, and someone's got to pay for this.

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se7ensnakes said...

What is the question that begs to be answered. What is the question?
Suppose that on this very moment the police were to knock down your door and arrest you for first degree murder. Immediately you will think how and when but mostly importantly “WHO”?
The “who” is the subject of the murder law.
Here are three legal accusations, three indictments:
1)You murdered
2)You murdered a cockroach
3)You murdered Nicole Simpson

The first indictment has no subject matter, thus the indictment is invalid. The second names a subject but there is no law that refers to this subject. The third has a proper subject. When the IRS indicts people, they never name a subject. Their indictments is in the order of the first on the list. Without a subject there is no valid indictment ....no subject matter jurisdiction.

What if someone tell you that the subject is the income? Well they are wrong because the Supreme Court has long held that the individual Income tax is an indirect tax and therefore not a tax on income but on the activity which produces the income. The individual income tax is an indirect tax in the nature of an excise tax. An indirect tax is ruled by Article 1, section 8, Clause 1 of the constitution. The 16th Amendment did not affect the income tax, supposedly all it did was to reinstate its indirect classification.
The indirect classification is very hard for people to understand, because it appears to involved a subject, but in actuality, due to logistic reasons in writing laws, the event becomes the subject. For example when you buy a television from Walmart for 100 dollars, the subject is not the television but the sales.
So where is the law that state, in general, that work is a revenue taxable activity?
I will like to find out precisely what went wrong in this trial. Is the jury convicting people merely because they feel is their patriotic duty? I have to learn more