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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

American Jew Says Israel Lobby Going After Haaretz

It really warms the soul when you hear from a pure and decent Jewish American voicing his analytical rights about Israel and its lobbies. Haaretz is a very popular Israel-based newspaper/online 'zine that focuses on all things Jews, Israel, and the Middle East. It is known by millions around the world for its somewhat unbiased views of those subjects compared to other Israel/Jewish-affiliated newspapers and mags. The author of the article attended a conference hosted by CAMERA, another textbook biased member group of the American-based Israel Lobby which looks to defame anyone with differing views. The leader of CAMERA, Andrea Levin, basically says "the audacity of a world-wide Israeli paper writing about the truth in the Middle East."

No other newspaper in Israel matters, Levin says, because Ha'aretz is an elite publication and it has such an amazing English-language website. It is read by millions around the world. "None of the other papers is having international impact." All true.

"We feel directly affected by Haaretz... we feel we should be directly interacting as much as possible... putting more resources into that, because of its direct effect on all of us." I believe that Levin said she had even appealed to government bodies in Israel, including the IDF, to do something about Haaretz stories. The speech ended with the call to arms, for CAMERA members to start pressuring Haaretz. "Write, phone, challenge, speak out... Haaretz is now affecting all of us."
The Israel Lobby has been under increasing scrutiny as of late, all of which is much warranted, and the same tactics being used by fading American neocons are being used by the Lobby, or the other way around you could say. This short article is a must-read that goes on to say Levin stated that Haaretz should follow suit of the American newspapers with their easily noticeable one-sided views, and also allow the Lobby members themselves to post their propaganda in op-ed pieces; and I hope Haaretz has the courage and willpower to stay the course for the sake of truth and fairness as they've shown many times in the past.

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